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New to dancing?  Start by going to our beginner Lindy Hop classes from the beginning of a dance course.

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You don't need a partner as we rotate partners in class, and we start right from the beginning so you don't need any experience!

Swingtopia Dance has two venues in Perth.  Choose from either Mt Lawley on a Monday night, or Wembley Hotel on Thursday.  We run classes on all public holidays during the year, and close over the Christmas period, and during quarantine.

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Each dance course is four weeks long.  Lindy Hop is so big we need two beginner courses to fit it all in!

The Basic Beginner Course introduces you to the absolute basic swing dance footwork.  This is by far the easiest, and will get you up on the dance floor with a range of moves at your disposal.

The Swing Out Beginner Course introduces you to the Lindy Hop Swing Out.  You don't need to do the Basic Beginner Course in order to do this course.  This course is the more difficult of the two and will allow you to sink your teeth into the challenging world of Lindy Hop eight count moves.

In 2023 the course start dates are as follows

Jan 16

Feb 13

Mar 20

Apr 24

May 22

June 26

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