Putting on an event?  Bring the energy with our fashionable dancers kicking it with cool dancing from the 1920s 30s and 40s!

Bring on the swing with a fast and furious performance!  Let the dancers bring you the energy and excitement of a full Lindy Hop routine!

Wow them!

Get people up and dancing with a super fun class or dance activity designed to get people out on the dance floor straight away and give them a few new moves too!

Get them Dancing!

We'll put down a speaker in a random place, beach or ballroom, shopping centre or festival, then we dance like crazy and bring up the energy!

Bring the Energy!

Consulate Ball Highlights!

Asked by the Consul General to perform at their 4th of July Ball, we were thrilled!  Dressing in white, red, and blue, we had enormous fun dancing to a few 1950's hit songs for the entertainment of the party goers.

What Event are you Planning?!

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