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I'm a beginner, where do I begin?


Our beginner level is made up of 4-week beginner courses.  Rock up at the start of a course and you can pay $50 for the whole four weeks.  This will get you a good grounding for swing dancing.

To help us sign in before class, you can sign up by going to the 'Sign Up' page, accessible from the button on the Home Page.

The two main courses alternate with each other in the beginner level.  The two courses are 6-count and 8-count courses.  The 6-count course is the easiest, while the 8-count starts to explore some of the standard Lindy Hop moves.  You can start with either course, as you'll need both anyway.

Regardless of the level each class caters to the students.  We have rotational partnering so everyone gets the chance to dance with everyone.

What do I wear/bring to class?

Loose clothing or anything that can move a lot.

Sneakers for the feet or anything that doesn't have too much grip on the ground but that you can run around on.  No high heels.

Bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself, and if you want you can also bring a towel, especially if you know you sweat a lot.  It's important to be courteous to our partners.

That's not to say that if you love the dance and the fashion too, you can't put on your casual vintage 1930's wear with your Oxford shoes on.  You'll just be the most popular one in the room.

Do I have to book for classes?

No, but you may if you like.  You can rock up on any night 5 minutes before your class, choose your payment option, then swing out!  Check out our store tab for pre-booking options online.

What payment methods do you accept?

Glad you asked.

Cash, bank deposit, credit card, mobile phone, cryptocurrencies, or washing my dishes for a week.  You can pay for everything using our online services as well which includes Paypal.

Seriously, who needs cash anymore?

Do you run classes on public holidays?

No.  The school closes during the Christmas period, but then reopens in January and remains open until the next Christmas.​

6 Mar    Mon    Labour Day - CLOSED
10 Apr    Mon    Easter Monday - CLOSED
25 Apr    Tues    Anzac Day - CLOSED
5 Jun    Mon    Western Australia Day - CLOSED


"Lindy Hoppers never die - they just swing out."
 ~ Frankie Manning
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