Get down to Swingtopia Dance lessons at Mt Lawley, Perth.  Dip into the exciting world of swing as Azza and the team teach you the Lindy Hop.  You won't just learn lots of fun moves on the dance floor, you'll also learn how to connect smoothly with your partner and make it the best feeling dance in the world!

Start the night off in the world of Vintage Solo Jazz!  You know the Running Man?  Well, back in the day they had their own well-known moves like the Shortie George, the Suzie Q, and of course, the Charleston!  At 6:30pm Azza will take you through these jazz steps.  They will get you sweaty and you will be sore the next, but that just makes these moves even better!


Then from 7:30pm it's the Lindy Hop, the most common form of partnered swing dancing that you see on the dance floor.  You'll see people jumping and kicking and whizzing around each other, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Casual drop in each week.

Never swing danced before?  Start with the Lindy Hop Beginner level at 7:30pm.

Every Monday

6:30pm Power Jazz (Solo)

7:30pm Lindy Hop Beginner (Partnered)

8:30pm Lindy Hop Intermediate (Partnered)

Cost: $15 for 1 class, $25 for 2

St Patrick's Hall

731 Beaufort St, Cnr Beaufort and First Ave

Mt Lawley, Perth