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Famous modern clips of Lindy Hop

You've seen the vintage clips, now watch some of the most talked about, some of the most remembered, some of the most influential, and some of the most weird creations that Lindy Hoppers have broiled up in their strange little minds. It’s impossible to do justice to the full gamut of Lindy history that’s occurred since the revival in the 80’s. There is so much material, so many amazing moments, and so many Lindy Hop superstars, it was hard to choose only a few.

But just to give you taste here's nine clips that will knock your socks off.

Gap Commercial 1998

There was the revival, then there was THE Gap Commercial. This was responsible for a huge upsurge in popularity in the late 90's in the US. We can thank Gap for their unintentional marketing.

Swing Kids 1993

There have been a number of new movies that included swing dancing including Malcolm X. Then they made a movie about swing dancers in Nazi Germany. Here's a dance scene.

Camp Hollywood 2011, Morgan & Emily

This is one of the most memorable performances of Lindy Hop, not only because of their way cool Mario theme, but also because of what happens soon after they start ...

Jazz Roots 2015, Teachers' Battle Outro

This jazz clip stormed the popular world, and gave plenty of inspiration to Lindy Hoppers as well.

CSI 2015, Night and Day

While Lindy Hop went from strength to strength in America, and the Europeans made giant leaps in their swing dancing, there was a quiet revolution in Korea. I saw this ensemble piece live that year, and the video doesn't do half the justice it deserves. Everyone's jaws hit the ground, not knowing where to look at the panorama of detail while being amazed at the overall effect. A truly epic choreo!

Two Cousins 2011

Ryan and Remy. It's a dream.

ILHC 2013, Invitational

Another video gone viral, this clip features a huge collection of diverse Lindy styles and moves that build on the classic Lindy repertoire. This showcases the power and energy of Lindy Hop just like Hellzapoppin' did, except all of this is social danced!

Lonestar 2013 Michael & Frida

That time when ... Michael and Frida danced. This famous little clip featured some of the most memorable social dancing ever as the couple create some amazing musical moments with some truly mind-reading abilities even as they seem to befuddle each other the entire time!

Denver Flash Mob 2011

This Flash Mob went viral on the internet when it came out. It's a very intelligent and well-organized promo for Lindy Hop!

ILHC 2011, Jo and Kevin

Jo and Kevin. The Queen of Style and the Jester. Any list wouldn't be complete without these two. From introducing one of the most high powered aerials in competitions, to making routines a true artform, and bringing real class into Lindy, I settled on this little gem. It showcases the huge personality these two have, and their ability to make people scream uncontrollably.

Bonus clip! Hullabaloo 2010, Crystle and Spud

And finally, in keeping up with our Australiana theme, here's a little Perth flavour! You're welcome.

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