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8 Reasons to Start Swing Dancing!

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Everyone knows how much fun swing dancing is.

So if you haven't already started, here are 8 reasons to start doing it. Here are ONLY 8 reasons to start, because really, there are so many reasons to start! And these aren't necessarily the most important. So let's start with the one that really is super important.

1. Insanely fun! Like the joy that an evil villain gets when he hatches an evil plot and cackles with intense pleasure. Only, swing dancing is actually good for the world, so you're doing the world a favour by not hatching evil plans and swing dancing instead. Time will fly by and by the time the night strikes its final hour you won't want it to stop! Having fun is why we do anything right? So you really can't go wrong with this one.

2. Exercise Without Even Knowing! Going to the gym, I'd get so bored standing on the cross trainer for five minutes. As if that wasn't enough, my PT tortured me some more by getting me to do the rower and the treadmill afterwards! In fact, I can only run for a few minutes before dropping breathless onto the ground, but I could dance for hours! (Though my fitness has improved immensely since catching public transport, I'm always running for trains and buses) You're getting so much exercise, and you don't notice because you're too busy having insane amounts of fun (as was mentioned above) and chatting to people as you dance. And if you do love to exercise then you're also in the perfect place. You can be one of those Energiser bunnies that dance every triple step like it's an aerobics squat, and people would just assume you're incredible enthusiastic and they would say "You make me so happy watching you!" from the safety of the sidelines where they aren't in danger of having to dance themselves.

3. Meet Great People! Meet new people, gain new friends, and be a part of a bigger community! Meeting new people is always fun, so combine that with dancing straight away and you're in for a boatload of firecracker fun!

You don't need to worry about bringing anyone with you because classes rotate, so you'll get a chance to dance. You don't even need to worry about gathering up the courage to say hi to anyone because rotating partners is an instant ice breaker, which means you get to meet everyone in the room really quickly!

4. Seriously creative! Boy, is it creative! If you're the type of person who loves being creative, swing dancing has it in more bucket loads than Jackson Pollock could fling at a single painting. As dance partners you're both responding to each other, and to the music so that you never really know what's going to happen until it happens. You can express yourself musically any way you like. You can truly be yourself! And the best part is there are no mistakes, there's only improvisation!

5. Look great on the dance floor! It's a situation we've all been in. You go to a bar, a party, a wedding, and not being confident, you awkwardly wait in the sidelines watching others enjoy themselves dancing.

But all you need is a few moves and you'll look great on the dance floor, and probably be admired by onlookers and dancers alike. It's a win-win situation!

You might even become the life of the party!

6. Have an excuse to travel, and dance anywhere in the world! This is a good one. There's swing dancing all over the world. And you know that wherever there is swing dancing you'll have friends. You'll probably even be able stay at a few houses, get free accommodation and a free ride to a dance event too!

Want to go to New York? That's the birth place of Lindy Hop, so you'll be able to see the tourist sites and dance as well. Want to explore China? Go to Great Wall Swing Out and dance on the Great Wall! Want to visit Finland? Drop into the Scandinavian Shuffle event, find an instant community, and enjoy the wonders Finland has to offer! From ancient castles in Germany, to exquisite ballrooms in Prague, to the bell tower right here in Perth, Lindy Hoppers love to be creative when they go out dancing.

From anywhere in America, across Europe, and sweeping across Asia, there isn't really anywhere that's hasn't discovered the special magic of swing dancing, and you'll have an excuse to finally visit all these wondrous places.

Swing dancing has even reached Antarctica!

7. Makes Netflix Boring! For all the above reasons and more. Because going out with real people and having real experiences is the real deal that life offers.

Besides, you have to have someone to talk to about Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black ...

8. Change your life. It changed mine. Soon you'll be out dancing every week, thinking about it, dreaming about it, and waiting with anticipation for the next time you get to do it. Then you'll want to travel afar, meeting new swing dancers and going to awesome events around the world. You'll make lifelong friends, and be part of a community anywhere you want. And you won't even remember what you did with your life before you discovered swing dancing.

So these are some of the reasons you should start swing dancing. Right. Now.

There's so many other reasons to dance, that you should get ready for another blog entitled "Another 8 Reasons to Start Swing Dancing."

Until then, you can check out our classes here to see when the next one starts!

Swingtopia Dance

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