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Airbender Workshop! (Mar 11 & 18)

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

Learn to fly through the air with this aerial workshop!

Over two weeks, two different air step sequences will be taught.

The Lindy Hop is all about energy and jumping, and this time we'll get a taste of the how Lindy Hoppers bend the air beneath them to achieve seemingly impossible feats of continuous flight!

Air steps are very physical moves that require jumping and landing from height, so please ensure that you are physically capable.

Bring along a dance partner if you can, otherwise you don't need a partner as we'll be rotating. To ensure a similar ratio of lead/follows we ask that everyone book online so we know who's coming. You can pay at the door.

Wear loose fitting clothing and running shoes.

It's time to airbend!


WHAT: Airbender Workshops!

WHEN: 8:30pm, Monday 11th & 18th March

WHERE: 731 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

WHY: Flying!

COST: $15

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