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Classes Restart! (May 16)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.


It's a revival swing!

Swing dance classes are starting again on Monday 16th May!

The beginner class will start off with a THREE-WEEK course. This course is shorter because of WA Labour Day.

There next will be FOUR-WEEKS ending on July 4th. After that Swingtopia will go on break again to tour around regional WA in July! (The second course was previously advertised as THREE-WEEKS)

Before that happens though we'll be putting on an Apollo Jump in June! It's a monthly dance with a creative interpretation of monthly! Save the date for Saturday 11th June!

Swing on!

Beginner Course I

7pm Monday 16th May

Apollo Jump

7pm Saturday 11th June

Beginner Course II

7pm Monday 13th June

Azza Gee.

Azza is a lifelong swing dancer, the founder of Swingtopia Dance in Perth, Western Australia, and a lover of Bubble Tea. Sign in to comment below, or send your thoughts to

Sign in to comment below, or send your thoughts to

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