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Classes Resume with Courses! (Jan 18)

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

I count myself lucky that I live in such a great city like Perth. There's plenty of sun, I can still live my life normally, and I get to dance.

So let's get on with it in 2021!

Classes will start back on Monday 18th January at Mt Lawley.

Doing multiple classes on a night becomes cheaper, so first class is $15, and the second class is only $10.

If you get a Swing Pass, it's even cheaper.

The new classes will now be offered as courses in all levels.

Beginner Lindy Hop is so big however that we need two courses to fit it all in!

The Basic Beginner Course will introduce you to the most basic swing footwork, and give you a range of moves to take onto the dance floor.

The Swing Out Beginner Course will introduce you to the wide world of the Swing Out.  Even the great masters of Lindy Hop take a lifetime to achieve perfection with the Swing Out, so much so that some say it could more accurately be described as a state of mind than a move.

The Basic Beginner and Swing Out Courses will alternate with each other in Beginner Level at 7pm, and sometimes we may even mix it up with some 1920's Charleston or another fun basic!

The topic of the Intermediate courses will take on the full richness and dizzying array of Lindy Hop moves, from Tandem Charleston and Footwork Variations, to Flash and Trash!  If you have a request for the topic of a course that you'd like to take, tell Azza!

To ease into the year the first Beginner Course will be Basic, but we don't want to be too gentle, so Intermediates will start with a bang, with Tandem Charleston!



7pm - Beginner Lindy Hop - Basic Beginner Course

8pm - Intermediate Lindy Hop - Swing Out Beginner Course

Cost: $15 for one hour or $25 for two

Start Dates for Courses in Mt Lawley 2021

Monday 18th January

Monday 15th February

Monday 15th March

Monday 12th April

Monday 10th May

Monday 7th June

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