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New Night! (May 8)

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

A new night is starting up at Swingtopia Dance!

We like to call this one, Swing Smorgasbord.

Because like a smorgasbord of good food, this night will be dedicated to all different varieties and flavours of swing dancing.

For our opening night you can taste the delicate flavours of that most beautiful of dances - Balboa! Starting at 7pm we'll take you through a guided tour of the basics of Balboa to add to your Lindy Hop or enjoy on its own.

At 8pm we're blasting through air steps and mixing it in with some choreo to really make it shine!

And to top it all off, it'll all be served a classy new venue - the beautifully art deco Mt Lawley Bowling Club!

WHAT: Swing Smorgasbord!

7pm Balboa

8pm Performance - Air Steps

WHEN: Wednesday 8th May

WHERE: Mt Lawley Bowling Club

Corner Rookwood and Storthes Streets

COST: $15 for one class, $25 for two

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