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New POWER JAZZ Classes! (Aug 31)

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

It'll be 50 minutes of live, action-packed, adrenaline-filled excitement, and it's not a Marvel super hero series. It's Power Jazz!

This is an aerobics style class but with vintage style music and moves from the 20's, 30's and 40's. This class will work on cardio, getting you fitter and stronger.

Often in partner dancing we learn so much technique we miss out the getting fit part.

This class will get you fit, improve your coordination and flexibility, get you to use your arms, and teach you the essential jazz basics. In short, it will improve your Lindy Hop dancing in leaps and triple steps!

The first Power Jazz class commences at 6pm, Monday 31st August, and will continue every Monday after that. The first week will feature the choreography of the Tranky Doo, among others, which will help you to learn and perform the Tranky Doo on the dance floor.

The usual beginner swing class on Monday's will move to 7pm, and the intermediate swing class will start at 8pm.

WHEN: Monday 31st August

WHERE: 731 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley


6pm NEW Power Jazz

7pm Beginner Swing

8pm Intermediate Swing

COST: $15, or $10 if also going to other classes FACEBOOK PAGE

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