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Newsletter #2

Updated: Oct 31, 2020



Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

Hey Have you seen those Facebook memes that go, "Don't say, 'I'm quarantined' That's boring! Say, 'I've taken a vow of solitude to protect to my village!' That makes it sound fun and mysterious. And it could also imply you're wearing a sword." I like that idea, so ... Welcome to Prohibition! They were prohibited from drinking in the 1920's, and we're prohibited from dancing in the 2020's! We wanted the 20's, and we got it. But as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. People weren't allowed to drink during the 1920's, so what did they do? They had secret Speakeasy parties and drank and danced to their hearts content! We can no longer dance in public with other people, so what do we do? We dance online! Swing dancers like to study the culture and events of the vintage era, not just the dancing. So this is a chance to reflect on what it really felt like to live in the 1920's and to find out why they turned to dancing in order to have fun. And that isn't even mentioning the other parallels between the two 20's such as the pandemics and the recessions. Swingtopia Dance will have our first online class tonight at 6:30pm! Check out the details below. Stay tuned for more online classes ... As ever ... Swing on! Azza

Zoom Swing dance Class!

Better than Zumba, it's Lindy Zoom! Join our online class. It's easy! 1) Log into Zoom 2) Click on 'Join A Meeting' 3) Copy and paste the Meeting ID into the space given. You can find the Meeting ID as well as the other details below. The class is free, but if you'd like to support Swingtopia, then you can go to the Swingtopia Dance website and either buy a Class Voucher in the Shop, or Donate using the Donate button.

WHEN: 6:30pm, Monday 20th April 2020 WHERE: Meeting ID 736-8675-7256 URL: COST: Free!

Click HERE for more info.

Congrats to Stories of Swing!

Congratulations to everyone involved in Swingin' at the Savoy, including Swingin' at the Savoy, Azza, and Lauren.  And thanks to all the people that came and saw it.  It was loads of fun!

Click HERE for more info.

Help Families Affected by C-19 by Donating to St Patrick's Food Fund!

Help people in need in these dire times by donating food to St Patrick's in Mt Lawley.

Every bit helps!

Click HERE for more info.


Classes are casual.


6:30pm Lindy Hop Combined - Online

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