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Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.


It's a big week this week

There's the Tap Shim Sham (yay!), Solo Jazz, Blues, and a social.

Hop to it!

Last week the Swingtopia Crew danced at the Fourth of July Celebrations for the US Consul General.  They did an amazing job!  The Consul General, Rachel, was so great she even got up and danced with us!  Well done to the team - Lisa, Evelyn, the two Matts, and Paul.  And thank you to Keith and Sam for the photos.

Three weeks ago Ellen and Michael helped me out teaching a very enthusiastic bunch of people how to Charleston.  The event was a charity ball to help end slavery throughout the world.  If you'd like to donate you can go to  Thanks to Dance For Justice for organising it all.

Swing on!


Click on the Fourth of July or the Dance For Justice Picture to find out more

Learn the Tap Shim Sham

The Shim Sham started out as a tap routine in the early 20th century before Lindy Hoppers got a hold of it and turned it into one of their most recognizable routines.

Come learn this most auspicious of routines with a bit of a twist!

Note this class is on a Tuesday across from St Patrick's Hall.

WHAT: Tap Shim Sham

WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday 9th July

WHERE: 734 Beaufort St

COST: $15 or a slot off your card

Click HERE for more info.

Apollo Jump!

Swingtopia Dance is putting on a social dance this Thursday from 8-9:30pm at the Wembley.  For an even more special night, we'll begin at 7pm with a special Intermediates class on Solo Jazz and Blues.

Both Beginner and Intermediate classes will still be on at 7pm.

Dress vintage!  Food and drinks available at the bar.

WHAT: Apollo Jump

WHEN: 8-9:30pm, Thursday, 11 July 2019

WHERE: Wembley Hotel, 344 Cambridge St

HOW: With class and sophistication COST:  FREE!

WHAT: Thursday Night Swing Classes


7-8pm Beginner - with Matt and Evelyn

7-8pm Intermediate - Jazz and Blues Special with Azza!

COST: Class - $15 or a slot off your pass

Click HERE for more info.


Classes are casual.


6:30pm Balboa Beginner

6:30pm Balboa Intermediate

7:30pm Lindy Hop Beginner

7:30pm Lindy Hop Intermediate

St Patrick's Hall, 731 Beaufort St, cnr First Ave, Mt Lawley

Cost: $15 for 1 class, $25 for 2 classes


7:00pm Lindy Hop Beginner

7:00pm Lindy Hop Intermediate

Wembley Hotel, 344 Cambridge St, Wembley

Cost: $15 for 1 class.

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