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Swingtopia Supports 'Dance For Justice' Charity Ball!

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I was honoured to start off the Dance For Justice Charity Ball with a 1920s Charleston class.

These guys were so enthusiastic they kept dancing the Charleston for the rest of the ball!

Ellen and Michael just happened to be there as well, so I roped them in to help me teach. Thanks guys! The rest of the evening was dedicated to dancing with music from the DJ.

The cause was the International Justice Mission which seeks to end slavery throughout the world.

Thanks for having me guys!

If you'd like to donate you can go to this worthy cause you can go to

If you'd like to support future Dance For Justice events you can find them on Facebook.

You can have 1920's Charleston or swing dancing at your event as well. Get in contact with Swingtopia Dance.

Azza Gee.

Azza is a lifelong swing dancer, the founder of Swingtopia Dance in Perth, Western Australia, and a lover of Bubble Tea. Sign in to comment below, or send your thoughts to

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