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Shim Sham! Big Apple! (Aug 30)

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

It's going to be a massive four weeks of Solo Jazz at Swingtopia, starting with the Shim Sham! The Shim Sham is the famous line dance of Lindy Hop, an easy routine that everyone can get behind and try out.

This class is for everyone, from beginners to advanced. Azza will teach the basics, but will focus on details that will make your Shim Sham extra Shimmy. We'll be exploring the Break, so make sure you've got your Break up and running! After you've whet your appetite with the Shim Sham, we're taking off with the Big Apple. There'll be a whole course on the Big Apple, taking small chunks and learning them well.

Anyone can do this class, from beginners to advanced, and it's highly recommended that people of advanced level take this class. WHAT: Shim Sham Shimmy

WHERE: 731 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

WHEN: 7pm, Monday 30 August

COST: $15 for the night

WHAT: Big Apple Course

WHERE: 731 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley


8pm, Monday 30 August

8pm, Monday 6 Sept

8pm, Monday 13 Sept

8pm, Monday 20 Sept

COST: $15 for the night

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