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Tranky Doo! No beginner class (Jul 19 & 26)

Updated: May 8, 2022

It's official. People love solo jazz.

With Perth going into lockdown I decided to teach the Tranky Doo to maintain social distancing, and people liked it so much they just want to keep doing it!

So for the next two weeks we're going to learn the Tranky Doo at 8pm each Monday. Check the video above for a taster of the Tranky done by the very stylish Nils and Bianca.


The beginner class at 7pm will restart on Monday 2nd August.

And if you're there next Monday (19th) there'll be a special performance for everyone by a certain pair who are about to do a show! I say no more.

Let's Doo it!

WHAT: Tranky Doo

WHEN: 8pm, Monday 19 & 26 July

No beginners

WHERE: 731 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

COST: $15 for the night

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