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Apollo Jump! (Jul II)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Social dance this Thursday night at the Wembley! Come earlier for a special Intermediates class on Solo Jazz and Blues!

Tonight is all about Nicla.

Yes, that lovable artistic artist is heading off to London for the longest time ... at least 3 weeks! And since she's been none-too-subtle about wanting Jazz and Blues, she's going to get them, ALL AT ONCE! (I hope she doesn't explode with excitement ...)

So join us at Wembley Hotel this Thursday for the Apollo Jump Dance Night between 8pm-9:30pm. Enjoy food and drink at the bar, sit in the art deco surrounds, or dance to the music! Requests of music and dance style will be taken by Azza.

We'll start the night off with classes at 7pm. Matt and Ellen will entertain the Beginners.

The Intermediates at 7pm have a special surprise as Azza pulls out a double focus class on Jazz and Blues! The first half hour we'll focus on cool Solo Jazz moves, while the second half will be dedicated to getting some of the old timesy-wimesy slow dancing for when someone hits half-time on the music.

And for even more fun we'll be pulling out the Tap Shim Sham we learnt on Tuesday!

Dress vintage!

Thanks to Keith and Sam for the photo, which was taken at the 4th of July celebrations to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. The name Apollo Jump is both a nod to the Moon Landing and to that classic Lindy Hop song, "Apollo Jump" by Lucky Millinder.

WHAT: Apollo Jump

WHEN: 8-9:30pm, 11 July 2019 WHERE: Wembley Hotel, 344 Cambridge St

HOW: With class and sophistication


WHAT: Thursday Night Swing Classes


7-8pm Beginner - with Matt and Evelyn

7-8pm Intermediate - Jazz and Blues Special!

COST: Class - $15 or a slot off your pass

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