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Learn the Tap Shim Sham! (Jul 9)

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

The Shim Sham is recognized through the swing dance world as its anthem routine.

But did you know it was not always like that? It actually started out as a tap dance called the Goofus in the 1920's! It was simple solo routine done at the end of every show that all the performers could join in. It soon became a tap anthem.

In the Lindy Hop revival of the 80's Frankie Manning brought this routine back from the day and created his own special version without the taps which swing dancers now do not just in honour of Lindy Hop and it's vintage roots, but also in honour of Frankie Manning himself.

Tap dancers still do the original tap version of the Shim Sham as their own anthem, and you can find some dancers today who are both a swing dancer and a tap dancer, such as Rusty Frank, who can teach swing dancers the original Shim Sham Shimmy.

Come learn this most auspicious of routines with a bit of a twist!

We'll be doing soft shoe shuffle without the use of tap shoes.

WHAT: Tap Shim Sham

WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday 9th July

WHERE: 734 Beaufort St

COST: $15 or a slot off your card

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