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Swing Classes Around the World, Online During Quarantine

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

Lindy Hoppers are transforming their art to adapt to changing times. With the world facing quarantine, how will swing dancing classes continue?! Look no further! Here's a collection of the some of the inventive and beautiful ways that swing teachers have come up with to beat the COVID blues and continue to teach students their wealth of swing knowledge. So if you’ve found yourself wanting to learn more, just check out some of these for some of your Lindy Fix.


First up we have ever effervescent Evita from New York. She invites guests from around the world to chat online and have insightful lessons. Here she talks to Felix Berghall as they explore how to express their musicality!

"Live Lesson with Felix Berghäll and Evita" Syncopated City

Joel Plys

Joel Plys is a veteran of all things swing dancing. He presents his encyclopaedic knowledge in his new Youtube series, “Joel’s College of Swing Era Knowledge,” and has a regular live class four days a week! And nowhere else will you see such commitment from Joel than here, where he wears high heels in order to teach the Signature Steps of Anne Mills! You lookin’ sexy Joel! You can find his classes live on Facebook and Instagram.

"Balboa - Joel’s College of Swing Era Knowledge"

Retro Rhythm

Gustav and Laia

For those who love Instagram, Gustav and Laia are teaching Instagram-only live classes. This wonderful Spanish couple have a fantastic style that somehow suits the homeliness of their living room backdrop. They give live lessons every weekend, and also on Wednesdays. You can find out more details on their Facebook Page.

Alice Mei

In what could very well be a defining set of classes, Alice Mei has started a phenomenal series of follower variations on Youtube. She begins week one with several fine Swing Out variations done in her usual exquisite styling.


Jo and Kevin

The world’s most professional - and hilarious - Lindy Hoppers, Jo and Kevin, had to cancel a years worth of workshops around the world. But that didn’t stop them from teaching. Their website iLindy features thousands of professional lessons teaching anything you can imagine and more, all done with the their usual flavour of healthy humour.

Because of quarantine you can now become a member at a reduced price by using the code word ‘quarantine.’ Hop to it!

"How to Swing Dance for Beginners - Part 1: 6 Count Footwork"


DecaVita Sisters

The gorgeous DecaVita Sisters may be struggling but they’ve come back strong. What sets these guys apart from everyone else is how beautiful their videos are. Their series of stunning Youtube lessons on Charleston make me want to go there and dance in that exact spot! They’ve also started their own Patreon site, where you can become a member and have access to all their teaching videos. You can find their Patreon site at

"Solo Charleston - 1. Scarecrow/Bee's-Knees Combo" The DecaVita Sisters


Sure to be a favourite among the ladies, that sexy Italian Vincenzo teaches Rooftop Jazz on a … well, roof! The sky’s the limit for your dancing when you learn solo jazz with Vincenzo.

You can view the video by clicking this link:

Adamo and Vicci

This list wouldn’t be complete with the sultry Blues of Adamo and Vicci. They also create beautiful videos, with the photogenic vintage wall behind them making us feel like we’re in some classy blues joint in the basement. They're currently doing live classes via Facebook. You can find their full courses at

Adamo and Vicci


So there you have it, there's plenty of opportunities to keep learning swing while you’re locked away in quarantine itching to bust out the moves. And finally, one we haven't mentioned yet ...

Swingtopia Dance

We also have online classes. Check out our Youtube page for some of the classes, and if you become a member of Swingtopia we have recaps of classes of every level available for your viewing pleasure! Create an account with at Finally, join our weekly online classes on Monday nights (Perth time). Here's a recap of Ellen and I teaching Jean Veloz' famous Quickstop from the vintage move 'Swing Fever.'

Azza Gee.

Azza is a lifelong swing dancer, the founder of Swingtopia Dance in Perth, Western Australia, and a lover of Bubble Tea. Sign in to comment below, or send your thoughts to

Sign in to comment below, or send your thoughts to

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