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Swingtopia Gets a New Blog!

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

The Swingtopia Dance website now has a new blog.

Why is this important and who cares? That's a good question, imaginary person in my head. The new blog is pretty much like the old blog except for a couple of differences, you get to comment and like! It's one more reason to get a login account with Swingtopia. Look out Facebook, you've got a new contender *cracks knuckles* ...

When you login in to the Swingtopia Dance website, you also get the opportunity to comment on each post. So if you've got a burning question, or an insightful observation, or just an intense compulsion to shower the author with adulation, you'll now be able to write them - nay - you are encouraged to write them!

You can also 'like' each post by pressing the loveheart icon.

And while you're there, be on the look-out for a very special guest commenting and liking around the back corners of the Swingtopia website ... My lips are sealed.

The Forum

There is also a new forum where, like any thread website like Reddit, you can post a question and other people can answer. I'm telling you, Facebook has its work cut out for it!

This is a handy feature for those who wish to be independent of Facebook (a growing percentage) and those who aren't on Facebook ... yet (yeah, I know right, there are people out there who aren't umbilically connected to this Matrix of mass mind-incarceration, unbelievable!)

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