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The 20's Are Coming!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Singer on stage with a bass player behind her.

The 20's are coming! The 20's are coming!

It's been almost a hundred years since Lindy Hop came into existence.

We love the 20's so much that it's time we brought it all back, and what better time than the 20's ... again!

Next year expect to see more 20's Collegiate Charleston, the Lindy Hop's daddy-O! Swingtopia will be teaching more of this pre-cursor to the Lindy Hop. Tell us if you'd like to learn some more in your class.

To start things off our combined class on Thursday 19th Dec from 7-8pm will be themed 20's Charleston, followed by our end of year Apollo Jump Christmas Special.

As well as teaching 1920's Charleston Swingtopia also does shows as well. So if you want a performance of 1920's or you'd like Swingtopia to teach 20's Charleston at your birthday or event, drop us an email, or call the operator and get us connected!

Here's to the 20's again!

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