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Get your social dancing goin' in Perth.  Enjoy the company of great people and forget the flow of time as you take your dance partner and swing them around the floor!

There's great swing dancing to a Live Band every Friday at the Mustang!  Catch Adam Hall and his Velvet Playboys or the Oz Big Band playing on stage as the dance floor is packed with enthusiastic Lindy Hoppers.  There's nothing better than a 17-piece big band squeezed onto a small stage, blasting out enough horn to fill a grand ballroom!


Check it, and feel swing dancing at its best.

Front of the Mustang Bar in Northbridge
Swing Dancing
at the Mustang!
The Mustang has put on a live band for swing dancers every Friday night since the early days of swing dancing in Perth.  We love them for it!  And they love us.
7:00 - 9:30pm Live Band!
Cost: Free
Mustang Bar
46 Lake St, Northbridge
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