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Brand New Venues at Swingtopia!

There's going to be exciting new changes to all the venues at Swingtopia, and to celebrate there'll be a FREE Intro to Swing class at our new Mt Lawley venue.

First of all, Wembley and Mt Lawley will swap days, and move into new venues that are bigger and better! Starting from 21st August, Mt Lawley will now be on Monday nights at St Patrick's Hall, a spacious hall, high ceiling, and plenty of parking. Meanwhile over at Wembley, classes will start 22nd August at the Wembley Hotel, where the bar is open all night! So get down, have a drink, and dance all night!

Classes will also change to take advantage of the new venues. Classes will go back to being one hour.

In the future the Swing 3 class will move from Wembley to Mt Lawley, with the Balboa and Authentic Jazz classes at Mt Lawley as well, but for at least the first week we'll be putting the music on and letting people social dance the night away!

Mt Lawley

Monday, 21st August

St Patrick's Hall

731 Beaufort St

Cnr Beaufort and First Ave

6:30pm Swing 1: FREE CLASS 7:30pm Social dancing

8:00pm Swing 2

9:00pm Social dancing


Tuesday 22nd August

Wembley Hotel

344 Cambridge St

7:00pm Swing 1

8:00pm Social dancing

8:15pm Swing 2

9:15pm Social dancing

As well as a FREE class to get you in the mood for swing, we're also putting on a Shim Sham class, that famous old line dance every Lindy Hopper knows. So join us at the free class at Mt Lawley and then the week after for the Shim Sham class! Invite all your friends, and lets give Mt Lawley a new exciting night life!

Mt Lawley Facebook event: Wembley Facebook event: Shim Sham Facebook event:

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