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FREE Swing Class at Wembley Hotel

Feel the rush of dancing and the fun of connecting to your partner by hopping to a free Swing Dance Class at the Wembley Hotel! This class will give you an intro to a dance that's popular around Perth, the Lindy Hop, that started way back in 1927. Which is a good thing, because Wembley Hotel started way back in 1932, so it's like bringing two good vintage things together, and if you bring a grandparent, that would be three good vintage things. Class starts at 7:00pm. You don't need any dance experience or a partner because we rotate partners during class. Wear loose clothing and comfyshoes you can run in, and a water bottle ... or just buy a beer at the bar. After the class grab a partner and social dance, and later on there'll be Swing 2 at 8:30pm. The week after that, we're teaching the Shim Sham, that popular Lindy Hop line dance, on Tuesday 17th, at 7:00pm. WHAT: 7:00pm Free Intro to Swing Class 8:00pm Social Dancing 8:30pm Swing 2 WHEN: Tuesday 10th October WHERE: Upstairs at the Wembley Hotel 344 Cambridge St, Wembley

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