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Master the California Routine!

The Californian Routine is THE Lindy Hop routine, and one that all Hoppers must know! Choreographed and danced originally by Frankie Manning and his dance troupe Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, its most famous incarnation is the one and only Old Testament of Lindy Hop, Hellzapoppin'! (It's the ensemble bit at the end!) For a two hour workshop, we're teaching you the power and dynamism of this iconic routine! You can dance it out on the dance floor, in jam circles, or just replay it with joy over and over in your head, it's that good! WHAT: Master The Californian Routine! WHEN: 7-9pm Tuesday 31st July, 2089 WHERE: 734 Beaufort St, cnr First Ave, Mt Lawley WHY: To become one with the Hop. COST: $25

Here's Hellzapoppin'!

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