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Swingtopia had a Ball!

The Swingtopia Dance team performed for the US Consular General at the US Consulate Ball for the 4th of July Celebrations. And not only did we perform for her, she joined in for some of it! The ball was in the spacious Perth Convention Centre Ballroom. The theme was 50's and 60's and we dressed in bright colours as we swung the house down with music set from that era! We even had fun learning some 60's moves to dance to Surfin' USA, that just happened to be the Consul General's favourite song! Congratulations to all the performers for their hard work and dedication, and the rewards were worth it for the sheer excitement and exhileration to perform fun moves and big aerials to an appreciative audience, and a prestigious audience at that! So, congratulations to the performers Sarah, Matt, Sophie, Lauren (teacher), Evelyn, myself, Brodie, Ellen, Michael, and lucky last and youngest, Blair!

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