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Swingtopia is Reimagined!

All new classes! All new format! All new passes! It would take an encyclopaedic volume to go through all the changes. All you need to know is that change is here, that it's exciting, and that it's all good news for you!

Here is the new class format:


Wembley Community Centre

40 Alexander St, Wembley

  • 7:00pm Swing 1

  • 7:45pm Social Dance

  • 8:00pm Swing 2

  • 8:45pm Swing 3


734 Beaufort St, cnr First Ave

Mt Lawley

  • 7:00pm Swing 1

  • 7:00pm Bal 1

  • 7:45pm Social Dance

  • 8:00pm Swing 2

  • 8:45pm Bal 2

And if you want more detail ... well, here's ya volume!

The Teachers

Swingtopia is extremely fortunate to have two of the best follow teachers, nay, best teachers of swing dancing in Perth.

Both Crystle and Lauren have credentials longer than either of my arms. Crystle is a high octane dancer as well as a top high school circus teacher in WA, and she was the owner of a swing dance school for 7 years! Lauren has a dance degree and teaches dance in high school, knows all the swing dances, and owned her own swing dance school Something Savoy. Their knowledge will inspire and inform in equal amounts to make you better dancers. Luckily you'll have the chance to learn from both.

Wembley will now be able to learn from the effervescent Crystle as she teaches with Azza in Swing 1, 2, and 3. Tuesday will now have the amazing Lauren as she teaches both the Swing and Bal classes.

The Bal

Monday Balboa classes (or 'Bal' as Balboa enthusiasts affectionately call it) have finished and have moved to Tuesday. Plus for those who wish to take their Bal further or for those Bal dancers out there who want more, there's now a Bal 2 class!

Get in while the Bal classes last on Tuesday.

The Classes

All classes are now 45 minutes. This means more classes, fewer students in each class, and more one-on-one time with the teacher. Good huh?!

In each class we'll give you the skills you need to get better, and it's up to you to practice them. And the great thing is after each beginner level there's a chance to dance socially and get that practice in!

The Passes

You can drop in and pay for any classes on one night, and you can even pay $50 for a course. But the real savings come from the Class Pass.

If you buy a pass the second class is HALF PRICE and the third class is FREE!

1 Class: $15 or 1 class off your pass (save $1.66)

2 Classes: $25 or 1.5 classes off your pass (save $5)

3 Classes: $30 or 1.5 classes off your pass (third one's free for passholders, save $10!)

4-Week Course $50

6-Class Pass $80

12-Class Pass $150

The Levels

Monday will have 3 levels of Swing called (funnily enough) Swing 1, Swing 2, and Swing 3, which are roughly equal to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Tuesday night will have 2 levels of Swing and Balboa. Swing 1 and Bal 1 will happen at the same time, so you get to choose which dance you want to do. After Swing 1/Bal 1, there's Swing 2, then finishing off the night, Bal 2.

The Moves

Each level will have specific things you'll have to learn in order to go to the next level.

It's always nice to have a goal to work towards, and with the new curriculum we'll get you out social dancing in style and comfort.

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